Dog Goods for Good Dogs

Hello!👋 We're Pouty Dog Co.!

It's our mission to make quality leisurewear for you and your pup, served with a side of humour. 

All dogs deserve love. 💖 

We stand for the misunderstood dogs - the bully breeds. They are just as lovable, loyal and goofy as any other dog, and don't deserve to be judged solely on their appearance. Graphic tees are fun and can showcase your personality - we wanted to do the same for our dogs! 

We believe in no dog left behind! We do our best to include a wide range of sizes for every pupper. We design with everyday function in mind - from the dog park to the couch, we're there with you. 

We're local! 

We are a small business and hand print our products in Calgary, Alberta. We partner with local businesses to deliver goods for you and your pooch! We're all about teamwork, creating connections, and lifting each other up.

the Team 👯

Meet the Minds from which this F’n stuff came from. *Note* F= Fun, Furry, Fantastic, Friendly…what were YOU thinking?

We're two friends who met in our undergrad at fashion school. Through the years we've had a few career changes, and with unemployment due to the pandemic we decided to dip our toes in something we have talked about doing for years - starting our own business! 


Hello! I’m Viv, the other co-founder of Pouty Dog Co.! I’m Odie’s pawrent (aka human slave).😂 We started Pouty Dog Co. in a strange time of unemployment and boredom; Joyce and I had talked about opening up a business for a while and it finally seemed like the right time for us! With PDC, we hope to raise awareness about the discrimination that bully breeds face, and connect with our community of dog lovers. Joyce and I can definitely relate to being judged on appearance - having gone to fashion school, a lot revolves around how things look. Odie is my first dog, and since having him I’ve had a ton of fun times alongside some sad times. We’ve met SO many people that love Odie and pitties, but unfortunately, there are still people that will look at us like we have rabies and cross the street to avoid us. It hurts my heart a little bit every time that happens because if they just took a minute to say hi, they’d see he’s a big sweetie! My parents had a change of heart after meeting him, and they love him so much. 💗Just as graphic tees showcase people’s personalities, I hope Pouty Dog Co. can do the same for dogs! 

Thanks so much to all our supporters out there, we are so happy that you’re a member of our #poutypack 💖💖

Vivian Co-Founder


I’m a rescue pup from @prairiepits, and joined the family as a tiny nugget puppy. My mom, Juanita gave birth to a litter of 16. Unfortunately some of my siblings didn’t make it...I was one of the smallest - little did my hu-mom know that I would grow up to be a big dog hehehe....😈
Hu-mom says she named me after Odie from Garfield...and I have been beaten up by mean cats before so🤷‍♂️

My grandpawrents used to be scared of dogs like me. Now they always want me to be on the couch with them hehe! They thought we were only capable of being scary and tough, but we bonded over our mutual love for snacks and I won them over! They hold a special place in my heart (and tummy). I love treats and all types of food so please send me some you guys k thx bye💙

Odie-Burke-Taquito is his full name! The litter was named after Mexican food so his original name was Taquito, and his foster mom (a big hockey fan) named him after goalie Brian Burke. He is just as goofy and clumsy as Odie from Garfield!

He’s a lover, not a fighter...he’s been beat up by the neighbour’s cat while trying to be friends with him😾

He LOVES tiny toys. I mean real tiny. He will always rip the ears/eyes off of toys and only play with that. So I bought him a cat toy and it’s now his favourite!

Pouty Dog Co. CEO


Hi, hi! I’m Joyce, one of the co-founders of Pouty Dog Co. aka PDC! Viv and I met back in fashion school in Toronto. Fast forward, we became fast friends, bonding over our love of cute animals, especially dogs, delicious food and of course fashion/design! A constant dream and plan we’ve had was to start a business together given the right opportunity and for years the timing was never quite right... then the Pandemic. We made the most out of this situation (unemployment, lock-down, etc.) and ended up forming PDC! 

So why dog and human apparel? A tid-bit about me is that I hold a special place in my heart for animals, especially for dogs & cats-all of ‘em are cute, and lovable! Now, while I love these furry cute, adorable and lovable creatures and they love me, I am quite allergic to them unfortunately. What can I say? The universe has a great sense of humour-lol! So the “doggos” I have happen to be of the stuffed toy variety. I know, it's not the same thing as having a "real dog"... BUT, this is where having friends with pets, the majority having doggos, is the best! Playtime outings with my friends and their dog(s) has definitely made it clear to me that no matter what type they happen to be, every one of them is so wonderfully awesome! So while my genetic predisposition rejects dogs, and most furry creatures, I assure y’all my heart doesn’t and so my way of sharing my love for the canines is by co-creating awesome designed apparel for doggos and their fantastic human counterparts too! I mean, who doesn't love twinsie outfits? #poutypack💙

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Joyce Co-Founder